We have 2 different corporate “Equipping Services” each week here at “Thee Garden International Fellowship.” One of the services is on Sunday mornings and the other is on Wednesday evening. We also meet during the week in small groups for discipleship, fellowship, evangelism, and community ministry events.

Sunday mornings are very exciting since we switched over to an “equipping center” model of ministry. We are not only declaring the word in sermon form but we are also helping each person who attends to be able to know how to “practically” walk out the teachings during the week.

At 10:00 AM on Sundays, we go right into our “Regular Service” where there is a time of praise & worship, prayer, announcements, welcome & greeting, giving of tithes and offerings, ministry of the Word, followed by a time of fellowship one with another.

Wednesday evenings at 7 pm are causing growth in the lives of those who are being discipled and coached in their personal lives, business lives and spiritual lives. These are gatherings that are designed to produce growth and excellence in every area of our lives.

Yes, church is changing! Not just here, but around the world. God is taking His Church back to its “roots” its beginnings! Back when He was the center of everything that was done. Back to when the church was a group of believers that had everything in common. Back to a time when God was in charge and not a denomination, a church board, or any other “democratic” group of people. Back to the Garden of Eden, when God walked daily with man!Pretty soon, nothing will be like “it used to be.” So … let the “wind” of the Spirit blow!

Life and church are changing! The Kingdom of God and its King are invading planet earth in a powerful way. When heaven invades earth we will begin to see the manifestations in our lives, in our families, in our church, in our communities, in the world! As Jesus prayed in Matthew 6; “…Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven….”

This is a very special time in The Kingdom of God. We are heading into a brand new season of ministry. God has promised many great things during this coming season. Join us as we search them out in His Word.

Apostle Marc & Pastor Janette Triplett

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